Sweet Granddaughter

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Aaliyah, Derek and Sean

Today I spent my day off trying to go through stuff and try to condense and eliminate.  What a job.  How in the world do we acquire so much STUFF.  Also tonight on the news a lady was featured talking about how her house burnt down today and she escaped without any shoes and was sad that they were not able to save any of their family photos.  How sad.  I would like to share a photo of my three beautiful grandchildren that was taken on Thanksgiving.  They are now 4,3,and 1.  What precious souls they are.  I miss them so much and wish I could go to Minnesota at least every month.


I made these collage 8 x 10 pictures for my sisters.  It was so much fun.  Using the Stampin Up Swallowtail Stamp as my primary feature I colored each butterfly.  Using the color scheme from the butterfly I then created the collage background using inks and wax.